This method has been developed by myself after over 25 years of learning, researching, and practicing acupuncture. I have combined several acupuncture systems that I have been taught and successfully utilized in treating patients. I incorporate observations of manual muscle testing into a neuroanatomical framework. I put these observations into a French Energetic context while utilizing Japanese Meridian Theory. I then develop a treatment plan by modifying the Joe Wong one-needle technique with a Dr. Van Ghi influence.
The treatment produces almost immediate resolution of pain and muscle inhibitions. The ULTRA treatment is done without the use of needles. This treatment unblocks the meridians (the body’s energy channels). Open meridian channels allow energy deficiencies of the body to be tonified as excess energies drain through the open meridians. The body can then bring itself back into balance. This treatment is often incorporated into a more comprehensive treatment which usually does involve needling. The supplemental treatment is done to tonify the results and extend the duration of relief.
In other words, first the patient is examined then an ULTRA treatment without needles is performed to resolve the patient’s symptoms. Then an acupuncture treatment using needles is employed to enhance the results of the ULTRA treatment prolonging the relief.

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Van Ghi Approach
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